Being a True apostolic church!

Posted: 15/06/2016

Being a True apostolic church!

Being a true ‘apostolic church!’

On Monday 13th June Waterfront Community Church had the joy of hosting a breakfast meeting for the pastors of South West Wales Region of Apostolic churches. This was a special occasion when we welcomed Rev Tim Jack who is the new National Leader of our denomination to address the pastors.
In his address, Tim reminded us that our forefathers chose the name ‘Apostolic Church’ to identify the movement and asked the meeting to consider the question, ‘What does it mean to be an ‘apostolic church’?
He went on to answer the question by stating what he believed to be characteristics of any church which claims to be ‘apostolic’ whether they belong to our movement or not.

His five characteristics were:
1. An apostolic church is Christocentric.
Jesus must take ‘centre-stage’ in the church and gospel preaching a priority.
2. An apostolic church is Theocratic
It’s a church where ‘God rules.’ His sovereignty is revered and the Scriptures our authority. His governance is expressed through the five-fold ministry of Ephesians 4:11.
3. An apostolic church is Relational
The church is not independent but interdependent. It’s not isolated but part of the wider body of Christ. It joins with others in presenting Jesus to the world.
4. An apostolic church is Pentecostal in expression
It is a church that acknowledges its need for the power of the Holy Spirit and seeks to minister in the life of the Spirit. It believes in the supernatural and is open for God to move dynamically in its gatherings.
5. An apostolic church must be a Missional People
Every church member must make Jesus’ last command their first priority.

Tim is an inspirational speaker and I pray that God will help us at Waterfront Community Church to an ‘apostolic church’, not in name only but in reality!

Pastor Arnallt Morgan