My name is David Hendy, 21 years young, originally from Newport and now living in Swansea as I attend Swansea University. I’m a third year Computer Science undergraduate and also sports co-editor of the Swansea University newspaper, The Waterfront.

I was introduced to Waterfront Community Church in September 2010 by former student and current girlfriend Laura Pettit, who accompanied me to the Alpha classes. These classes were held by Andrew and Sam with guest speakers and really made an impact in my life. As a result of these classes, in November 2010 I began to attend Waterfront and since then; my walk with God has been a fruitful one. I declared my belief that the son of God died for our sins in May 2011, with the scene of my baptism being at the Waterfront. With these in mind, Waterfront Community Church holds many great memories for me.

I have met some amazing people, young and young-at-heart. For students at Waterfront – the best way I found to meet new people is to go on the student lunches. Not only are you fed spiritually by Arnallt, Mark and others, but then a well-cooked Sunday lunch always goes down a treat! However these lunches would not be possible if it weren’t for those lovely people with 4-wheeler automobiles giving the students lifts back and forth to church.

This year, Rhian and Mark have set up a Student House group. This is an ideal place for us all to sit down, drink some hot chocolate, socialise and discuss our God and how He is involved in the daily running of our lives.

The Waterfront Community Church is an amazing house of God – the congregation are a family and work as a team amongst themselves and help those in nearby areas. Waterfront has helped me and can help you too!

– David Hendy