We want our young people to Encounter God, be Equipped for Mission & Explode in Worship!!

At Waterfront our Youth Ministry is headed up by Andrew & Samantha Meehan and at the heart of their vision for the youth is Jesus!!

We have our teaching on Sunday evening each week during school term time, we take over the first floor with bean bags, get comfy and get to know God more and more!!

We learn from the Bible in a way that’s practical and easy to understand! (Most of the time… Andrew does sometimes go on a bit!) We also make a point of answering any questions that come up, because let’s face it a talking donkey is a bit bonkers!!

We also plan weekend get-to-gethers, to hang out and catch up this usually involves food! Or we get together and find fun ways to help raise money for charity, which always seems to end up with a MASSIVE water fight, or we jump in a minibus and head for a day out!

Youth Topics

We're now in a New Year and with that in mind we thought it would be great to get back to basics. So we've devised a six session plan which we'll begin on Sunday 18th January called the Basic Series.

The topics that we'll be looking at include;

Why is the Gospel important?

Why do we read the Bible?

What is worship?

Why do we pray?

Why do we do church?

Is Mission really that important?

If you have any questions about our Youth, please contact Andrew or Samantha…